Brat Resources is a dynamic, global company with immense experience and leading innovative practices in the trading of Grains, Oil Seeds, Cereals, Edible oils, Metals, Minerals and Lumber across the globe. 

We use market knowledge, strategic logistics, political insights, and global resources to move physical commodities to where they are needed, when they are needed. We have strong multi-disciplinary teams around the world, with offices in Singapore, India, and Brazil. To this end, we have, nimble and adaptable resources, diverse in-depth expertise to address transactional issues in real time. We are also able to leverage our positioning to provide quality service at lower cost to our buyers.

Our diverse clientele comprises of exceptional buyers and sellers, who recognize our capabilities and rely on our technical, commercial, financial and political insights as a key component towards fulfilling their requirements. 

We constantly innovate and leverage technology to better serve our clients and build a powerhouse of trust. Coupled with our 24-hour monitoring and review capability it ensures the development of transparent and trustworthy relationships.

With in-depth expert knowledge and extensive experience of global and regional markets, we have the unique strategic skill set to deliver, the best product and service for every requirement, and the right solutions for all challenges.   

Our strong and sound foundation is built upon the diverse experience of our team. We have a long-term perspective and foster valuable relationships, based on trust and commitment, with our clients as well as Governments, communities and corporate stakeholders.


To be the world’s leading and reliable, powerhouse, fulfilling commodity needs across the globe by developing and nurturing long-term partnerships, based on trust and integrity, with stakeholders across the supply chain. 


To deliver innovation and excellence – from outstanding performance for our clients – to building strong relationships with partners, communities, corporates, governments and other stakeholders.

To stay nimble, easily accessible, proactive, responsive and adaptable to the sector’s ever-changing environment.

To demonstrate our core values of long-term commitment, trust, integrity and responsible resources management.